WellSpring Coaching

Authentic, Genuine, Purposeful…

At the center of WellSpring coaching is the pursuit of authenticity. Authenticity creates clarity of purpose that is trustworthy, reliable, and principled. This is true in any area of our lives: leadership, health, vocation, academics, or relationships… the pursuit of authenticity means that we’re on a journey of self-discovery, skill development, and connection with others!

WellSpring Coaching exists to partner with people in moving towards a focus on personal authenticity:

  • In how you function daily
  • In how you perceive yourself
  • In your daily health
  • In understanding motivation and follow-through

We’re excited about your potential! We’re excited to partner with you!


How can WellSpring help you?

Executive coaching:

Gaining clarity is gold. Developing clarity within the self and for your organization is vital when directing short-term and long-term goals. The endgame for Executive coaching is often the revelation that comes with clarity and then infusing that clarity into your organization.

Nutrition coaching:

Did you know the gut is also known as the “Second Brain”? When you meet with Cathy, you’ll receive nutritional education and a new understanding of what your body needs in order to operate at its best! You may be surprised about what “the joy of eating” was designed to be!

Leadership coaching:

No matter your vocation, you’re in a position of influence, it’s really that simple. The key to leadership growth is embracing where you’re positioned now, with an eye on the future. This focus of coaching is understanding leadership in the current context of your life!

CORE map:

This is a robust personality assessment used for Executive and Leadership coaching. It is designed to bring awareness to several personal dynamics:

  • Measuring natural vs conditioned styles of living.
  • How stress impacts our personality and how we compensate in our responses.
  • One’s emotional intelligence, coping patterns, and which behaviors create stress and which motivate and energize.


WellSpring Coaching has two major components:

  1.  Goal setting that is appropriate for this time in your life.
  2.  Processing your experience to create deeper insight and awareness into your decision making

Accomplishing goals is diminished if you don’t unpack the process. Reaching goals without understanding your growth can impact your future success if you’re not aware of how you’ve grown during the journey. Sometimes when one pursues coaching, we have our sight on the goals…that is only one aspect of the journey towards success!


Michael Heck LCPC, LPC:
Clinical Director of CrossWay Inc. CORE map facilitator
MA Clinical Psychology. 21 years in the field of counseling, consulting, and coaching.




Cathy Heck:
Certified Nutritionist and Health and Wellness Coach, ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association). Certified since 2009.





For more information on WellSpring Coaching services, please contact the CrossWay Inc office at 406-969-5183.

Hours of Operation

9:00 am – 6:30 pm

Friday-Sunday: CLOSED